About Us

Who is behind this website?

The goal of the Sporthorse-Data web site is to provide information for Sporthorse owners, breeders and competitors. Sporthorse-Data is the result of a combined effort from the Sporthorse community worldwide. Thousands of Sporthorse friends from all over the world have helped in the building of this web site.

This project was started some twenty years ago. Indeed some of our team members have been working with pedigrees for nearly thirty years. They are highly respected pedigree experts in their field, publishers of books and magazine articles. They bring a wealth of experience to our community.

We are also very grateful for the support from the official organisations and Breed Societies who have been very helpful in supplying information to us.

If you have an interest in pedigrees and would like to contribute to the database or maybe you have a pedigree database that you would like us to include please contact us to enquire about becoming a Database Team Member.

Here are the main Database Team Members who maintain the web site:


Jac Remijnse
Dorine Wilbrink
Henk Dikkers


Görel Söderlund
Eva Nickesson
Cissi Nyblom


Hugh McMahon


Elena Zobova


Anja von Boehn
Gunnar von Boehn


Pete Birdsall
Judy Wardrope


Laurie Monroe


The photographers listed below have very kindly supplied images for use in the database. These images are subject to copyright and can not be used for any other purpose without the permission of the photographer. Please contact them directly for permission if you wish to use the images outside of the website.

Peter Llewellyn, USA http://www.horsesourceltd.com
Cissi Nyblom, Sweden http://www.aln.se
Yvonne Karlsson, Sweden  
Jacob Melissen, Netherlands http://www.melissen.nl
Bernd Eylers, Germany http://www.horse-gate.com

P.O.Box 8110

Email admin@sporthorse-data.com

If there is anything that bothers you about this website, please help us and send us an email.
If you have any ideas on how we can make it better for you, or if you just want to say something, we will be glad to hear from you.

Sporthorse-Data is open to every type of horse.
We get information on between 20 to 1000 new horses each day and update nearly the same number of horses that are already in the database.

We would like to thank you all very much for your interest in our site.