Pedigree Database

  1. How do I add horses to the database?
  2. To add horses to the database you need to be registered first. Once you are registered go to the database landing page  https://sporthorse-data.com/pedigree Enter the name of the horse you wish to add in the “Search or Add Horse” box.

    If the horse is in the database you will be able to select it. If it is not in the database you will see the message “If the horse you're looking for isn't on this list you can add it by clicking the Add Horse button.” Then click the Blue “Add Horse” Button and enter the details of the horse you wish to add. That’s all there is to it.


  3. How do I delete or change a photo or a movie of a horse in the database?
  4. You are only able to change photos or movies for any new horse you have added to the site. Only the database Team Members can delete or change photos and movies of existing horses as users were changing and deleting other users photos. If you want to delete or change any photos or movies click the Report error and Updates link on the pedigree page and send us the details and we will remove them. We can also change the display order of the photos. 

  5. What is the full description for the Competition Level short code
  6. On the pedigree pages if you put your mouse curser over the Sj1, Sj2 etc. you will see the full description.

    Dressage Novice Dr7

    Dressage Intermediate Dr6

    Dressage Grand Prix/Open/Advanced Dr5

    Dressage International Dr4

    Dressage Nations Cup Dr3

    Dressage European Championships Dr2

    Dressage Olympic/World Championships Dr1


    Eventing Novice Ev7

    Eventing Intermediate Ev6

    Eventing International Ev5

    Eventing Grand Prix/Open/Advanced Ev4

    Eventing Nations Cup Ev3

    Eventing European Championships Ev2

    Eventing Olympic/World Championships Ev1


    Showjumping Novice Sj7

    Showjumping Intermediate Sj6

    Showjumping Grand Prix/Open/Advanced Sj5

    Showjumping International Sj4

    Showjumping Nations Cup Sj3

    Showjumping European Championships Sj2

    Showjumping Olympic/World Championships Sj1

    Breeders Directory

  7. We used to be listed in the Breeders Directory in the old site but with the new web site our details are missing. Where can I add my breeders details on the new site?
  8. When we moved to the new site we were unable to move all the Breeders Directory entries from the old site. You can enter your details in the Breeders Directory on the new site here https://sporthorse-data.com/breeders Currently you are unable to add your horses that are in the database to the Breeders Directory page but you will be able to do that shortly.