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Airborne Stables, LLC

Breeder   Deborah Burksfield
Street   13506 Summitview Ext
Zip   98908
City   Yakima, Washington
Country   USA
Email   dkburksfield@gmail.com
Phone   509-966-5773
Specialising In   All Rounder
Hunter, Point to Pointer
Leisure & Pleasure
Breeds   Hungarian Sport Horse
Irish Draught Horse
Irish Sport Horse

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Airborne Stables, LLC is small private breeding facility striving to produce attractive and athletic sporthorses suitable for every discipline through our extensive pedigree research of the world's top competitors in dressage, showjumping, and eventing.

Our goal is to breed a few carefully selected horses with potential to be competitive in any discipline and sell them direct to discriminate riders desiring to personally invest their time in developing youngstock to their full potential or with a passionate interest in breeding quality sport horses.

Our foals are not subjected to halters and other human devices of control, they are allowed to be horses for the first several months of their lives, only having human contact when they choose to, and our foals being inquistive by nature, often desire our human touch at a very young age which carries on thoughout their lives.

Between weaning and the summer of their two year old year, their feet are handled and trimmed, again without human control devices, i.e. a halter; they are free to naturally object and often in a matter of one or two training sessions, they choose to trust this type of human touch as well.

In the fall of their two year old year, they are carefully introduced to the halter, halter on, but never tied or cross tied; then lots of brushing and halter off; repeating halter on, but never tied or cross tied; with lots of brushing and halter off, soon they are diving their noses into the halter in anticipation of the desired soft brushing that is to come.

Next is intro to ground tieing, with a lead rope; then leading, cross over behind and fore; next moving away from pressure at their shoulder and hind quarters, some free lunging, and then an introduction to the bridle with a bit, braiding, mane pulling, clippers, ect; all without the use of common practiced hard and fast human control, devices or methods.

When you purchase a young prospect from Airborne Stables, LLC; they are trusting individuals who desire your human touch, and wish nothing more than to please; but they are not trained or educated and prepared for anything hard and fast, nor are they familiar with the many human control devices and methods commonly utilized in young horse training today.

If you are interested in learning more about our pedigree research, our youngstock available for sale, or our youngstock training methods through an internship at Airborne Stables or clinic; please contact us via email dkburksfield@gmail.com

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Airborne Stables, LLC.