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    Escudo I

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(Espri [HAN]  x  Athene [HAN] )
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Also known as   Escudo
Breed   Hannoverian
Colour   Black
Sex   stallion (active stallion)
Date of Birth   23 MAY 1991
Land of Birth   Germany
Standing Land   Germany
Height   166 cm ~ 16.1.½ hands
Breeder   A Knoop
Breed Awards   Hanoverian Stallion of the Year 2009
Competition Level   Showjumping Nations Cup
Life Number   DE331314515291
Level of progeny   Dressage: 1-Dr4
Eventers: 5-Ev4
Showjumpers: 38-Sj1

Stud Fee: £ 1350.00

ABOUT Escudo I

Approved for: Hanoverian PEDIGREE: Already at an early stage, it became evident that the chestnut stallion Espri embodied showjumping qualities of a very special kind. Meanwhile he has been able to corroborate this in his heredity. His son E.T. has been ridden by Hugo Simon to many a win in international showjumping (i.a. World Cup showjumping winner). Other top riders are also sitting in the saddles of Espri descendants, including Lars Nieberg on Enrico 134. The Espri son Edgar 12 won the World Breeding Championships for 7- year- olds in Lanaken, Belgium in 1996. The dam state premium mare Athene also produced Escudo II, who was Verden approvals champion in 1994 and the showjumperErik 18, who was a finalist in the Federal Championships of the German Riding Horse in 1996. Escudo II is also in service at the Celle state stud. The dam-sire Arkansas stems from the same line as the leading sire of showjumpers Wanderer. Arkansas was utilised as a stud horse at the Celle state stud station of Nesse, before going to Canada, where he is very popular. Woerman in the third generation, has become the heir who will carry on the W6hler blood in Hanover. The great-grandam, state premium mare Wotansesche with Lugano I inter alia, produced the Celle state stud sire Luxor and the mare Luneesche who in turn became dam of the sire Gbtz (private stallion, Westphalia). The Dillenburg state stud stallion Wieland is out of G6tz's full-sister. This dynasty also produced the sires Lucknerand Weltruhm (both Celle state stallions), Moorson I and 11 (both private stallion Hessia) as well as Weltfriede (Redefin state stallion) from which the international dressage horse Lido 6 / Harry Boldt also came. _______________________________________________________________________________ PERFORMANCE: Escudo I was the winner of the stallion performance test in 1994 and achieved a convincing 144.90 points in the jumping category. He is a son of the Celle State stallion Espri, who is known worldwide for producing outstanding jumping horses, such as "E.T." Escudo I exhibited phenomenal jumping talent at testing and won the six-year-old Jumper Champion title in 1997. He was also the winner of several show jumping competitions at "S" level in 1999. Escudo I is outstanding in type and expression, is well-muscled and has excellent gaits. Stallion Performance Test 1994, Adelheidsdorf: Overall score 134.38 / 1st of 35 Dressage score 115.73 / 8th Jumping score 144.90 / 1st Winner of the "Freiherr von Stenglin Prize" 1995 Total prize money in competition: DM 23,432.00 _____________________________________________________ PROGENY: From his first crop, Escudo I already presented 7 winning foals at regional foal shows. He has also presented numerous true to type candidates with strong motions for the Hanoverian foal auctions in Verden. In 1998 a daughter of his was the champion mare at the mare show in Schillerslage and the top price foal of the Verden Spring Auction in 1998. Progeny results in competition Total prize money of offspring in competition: DM 6,520.00 Number of registered sport horses: 51 Breeding information progeny Number of licensed sons: 4 Number of registered broodmares: 52 Number of state premium mares and candidates: 23 _________________________________________________________

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