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    Bright Silver

(Bright Cupid [TB]  x  Helena [TB] )
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Breed   Thoroughbred
Colour   Chestnut
Sex   stallion (active stallion)
Date of Birth   24 APR 1985
Land of Birth   France
Standing Land   France
Height   166 cm ~ 16.1.½ hands
Competition Level   Showjumping Grand Prix/Open/Advanced
Life Number   009704024
Family Number TB-10D
Level of progeny   Eventers: 1-Ev6
Showjumpers: 1-Sj7

Stud Fee: £ 800.00

ABOUT Bright Silver

APPROVED: Thoroughbred, Selle Francais, The Sire Bright Cupid has already produced the approved stallion Oxford de la Crasne BSO+17 et ISO 145 and the International performers Makalu IV ISO 167, and Nerac des Landiers ISO 156. This is a very famous sire line with Dan Cupid one of the most famous thoroughbred sires for producing showjumpers and eventers. The dam Helena has produced the showjumpers to CSO level in France Valentine Silver, Carita Silver, and at ICC level Stone Sylver, Ullington Silver & Bebop Silver. Bright Silver only started competing as a showjumper as an 8 year old and has steadily progressed through the ranks, where he is now jumping at the highest level in France. He currently has an ISO 141. Bright Silver is very athletic and has tremendous movement for a thoroughbred. His temperament is first class and he shows great willing when being ridden at top level. 1995 was Bright Silver's first year at stud. His youngstock are showing great potential as showjumpers and eventers. He is noted in France as one of the leading sires to produce an eventer.

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