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    For Pleasure

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(Furioso II [SF]  x  Gigantin [HAN] )
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Breed   Hannoverian
Colour   Chestnut
Sex   stallion (active stallion)
Date of Birth   1986
Land of Birth   Germany
Standing Land   Germany
Height   168 cm ~ 16.2 hands
Breeder   Diestel,R.
Competition Level   Showjumping Olympic/World Championships
Life Number   310258786
Level of progeny   Dressage: 1-Dr5
Eventers: 5-Ev4
Showjumpers: 94-Sj1
Studbooks Licensed with   Approved Hanoverian, Oldenburg,Selle Francais, Hosltein, Anglo Arab,
Suitable for Breeding   Showjumpers

Stud Fee: £ 2500.00

ABOUT For Pleasure

For Pleasure is of the last crop of the foundation sire and "millionaire" in progeny winnings Furioso II. His offspring have always been leading in all disciplines and Furioso II was a true foundation sire of world-wide importance. In Oldenburg, his main breeding area, he left more than 250 broodmares (e.g. the 1980 German champion mare Ausnahme) and more than 50 approved stallions. His sporting horses include the outstanding Furioso 15 (U. Lange), Faun 19 (H. Snoek) and Furry 2 (K. Reinacher). The dam-sire Grannus was the leading sire of Germany several times. He left international showjumpers as e.g. Grand Plaisir (L. Beerbaum), Goby (J. Anderson/Canada), Grannusch (J. Whitaker), Top Gun (J. Lansink) and many more. In the 3rd generation there is the highly esteemed grey Goya (by Gotthard - Domspatz), who unfortunately finished his stud career after only two seasons. However, he was an influential sire and left several approved stallions (e.g. Golan 28 F. Sloothaak) and advanced showjumpers. Mated with Winterberg before, For Pleasure's dam Gigantin produced the approved stallion Winterstar, one of the top-priced lots of the 1987 autumn sales in Verden.

There is not a horse more suited to the World Showjumping circuit than For Pleasure.
For Pleasure's outstanding aptitude for jumping (highest jumping index of over 154 points at the stallion performance test) was improved and he became a series winner of elementary and medium showjumper competitions. 1991 he won the Hamburg showjumping championships. 1992 he competed in the Federal Championships in Verden. 1995: German Showjumping Champion. Hanoverian Horse of the Year. 1996: Competed in the Olympic Games in Atlanta. 1997: Champion of europe in the Team Event, and fourth in individual. Winner of several World Cup qualifying, Grand Prix of St Gall in Switzerland, Grand Prix of Spruce Meadows-calgary in Canada. Leading money winner in Germany. 1999: 2nd in the Nations Cup Aix the Chapel, 7th Grand Prix the Chapel , 3rd the Nations Cup Hickstead, winner of the Grand Prix of Géra. Fifth in individual class at the European Championships. Winner in the Nations Cup at Calgary, Winner in Monterrey (Mexico), and Winner of the German Masters. 2000: He began the year by winning the Grand Prix of Zurich; 5th Grand Prix Dortmund , second in the German Championship that he already had won five years beforehand. He won two of the three Grand Prixs the Chapel, second equal in the Nations Cup and 9th in the Grand Prix on sunday. Also 2nd in the Grand Prix of Valkenswaard. 4th in the individual class at the Olympic Games in Sydney. 2001: Winer World Cup qualifier. 2002: At 16 years, won the Grand Prix of Lucerne, 2nd Nations Cup and 5th the Grand Prix Chapel, 1st Grand Prix Munich and Champion of Germany! 2003: European Championships First in the team Competition and 3rd in individual Final 3rd Top Ten world-wide, 2nd World Cup Qualifying London Olympia.placed in Athens 2004. Total of over 3 Million Euros Winnings. Top ranked horse in the World 2003 by the W.B.F.S.H..

After his victory at his performance test 15 foals were classified " First Premium", 8 colts were approved and 10 colts achieved the top-price at the Sales in Verden. His son For Feeling won his 100 day test. For Joy is winner of Grand Prix CSI in Ireland. Despite covering a limited number of mares For Pleasure is ranked in 2002 tenth best sire by winnings in Germany. In 2003, he had 8 products in the circuit for "Young Horses" for 7-8 years in the international classes (CSI***, CSI****, CSI WC and CSIO) : including; Forester winning twice and many places.1st Farina to Berlin, placed 8th in the World Cup of Dormund (to 8 years). The excellent, For Fun : twice winning in Leipzig, Spruce Meaddow (Canada ), to Kiel, to numerous wins and 2nd and 5th east, wins to Berlin and 2nd Stuttgart,also Frankfort, three times placed at Olympia in London. For Keeps very often placed and Forsyth dominates world-wide in the 7-8 male years: 1st or placed in Bordeaux, Leipzig, Wiesbaden, Berlin, Kiev (2 times 1st and 3rd).

For Pleasure crosses well with all types of mares. So far he has produced 2/3 chestnut and 1/3 bays. He transmits his will to win, great fighting spirit and his superb movement to his offspring.

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