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    Van Gogh

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(Numero Uno [KWPN]  x  Movera [KWPN] )
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Also known as   Vinnie
Breed   KWPN (Dutch)
Colour   Bay
Sex   stallion (active stallion)
Date of Birth   6 APR 2002
Land of Birth   Netherlands
Standing Land   Netherlands
Height   171 cm ~ 16.3.½ hands
Breeder   MTS. Stultiens, Weert, (NL)
Breed Awards   Stb.
Competition Level   Showjumping Nations Cup
Life Number   02.04840
Family Number NL-100
Level of progeny   Dressage: 1-Dr1
Eventers: 1-Ev7
Studbooks Licensed with   KWPN
Suitable for Breeding   Showjumpers

Stud Fee: £ 1100.00

ABOUT Van Gogh

Van Gogh was the undisputed KWPN performance test champion of 2005. During the last 6 years no other KWPN stallion received as much points as Van Gogh did after his performance test. This son by Numero Uno was not only rewarded because of his great jumping skills, also his fantastic movements were taken into account. Take off and technique was rewarded with 8.5, scope with 9.0 and his incredible canter with 9.5. The stallion performance test report states that Van Gogh shows strong movements in walk, trot and canter, that he jumps with a good take-off and develops lots of scope.

The dam line of Van Gogh originates at the mare Miesje. This breeding family produced several international showjumping and dressage horses. Some examples are: Jaguar (v. Equador), Cocktail (v. Purioso), Everest (v. Zeoliet) and Lisette (v. Burggraaf).


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Terms and Conditions

The Stud Fee excludes delivery. For Frozen, Fresh/Chilled semen we will send up to four inseminations to obtain a pregnancy. If no pregnancy results a further stud fee less a 50% reduction is required to continue. Please see our breeding contract for full details.

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Fresh/Chilled, Frozen Semen,

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Europe, USA, Canada, South America, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa,

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